Erez Gordon, restaurateur, Bishop Sessa, Sydney


Self-indulgent mutual-backslapping wine professionals everywhere: I get that you need more excitement in your lives. I get that new weird/funky/bearded winemaking twiddles your knobs and makes a change from the boring old barrel-fermented shiraz/chardonnay set, but what about the rest of the gang? People are doing great stuff out there. Don’t ignore them. More to the point, don’t imagine the average wine drinker is as jaded as you and never disrespect their love of sauvignon blanc. Just serve it to them. They’ve had a hard day.


On the same note, those of you handing out arbitrary awards for wine lists, why not read and judge those lists through the eyes of a regular diner rather than a spoiled, junket-dizzy dilettante? Then your awards might have more relevance.


All you hardworking restaurant people who sometimes forget you’re not actually saving lives and fighting crime should make an effort to remember you’re not actually saving lives and fighting crime.


On a very personal level I have a small note for a diner who insisted that Chablis was not in Burgundy. Read something. Anything. Even the false-prophet Wikipedia will set you straight.


Wine lovers, stop listening to the wine journos as if they’re a cross between an apostle and a seer. They’re only human, just like you. Use your own judgment. It’s OK. And for the record, not every wine made in Australia in 2011 was awful. Just saying.

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bindi sign

Winemaker Michael Dhillon has, over the past 25 years, crafted some of Australia’s most sought after and highly acclaimed wines at his property near Gisborne in Victoria.

With the first vines planted in 1988 Michael’s decades of focus on the Burgundian varietals Chardonnay and Pinot Noir has yielded wines of immense concentration and delicacy.  With relatively low volumes released each year and countless fans in the wine trade Bindi is not a wine you see in wine stores every day and only ever on the most respected wine lists in the country.

Erez Gordon, co-owner of Bishop Sessa, has had the privilege of knowing Michael and his wines for the greater part of the last two decades including hands-on experience in the vineyards during harvest. It is therefore an honour to be able to present this rare opportunity to meet Michael, drink some of his wines and be introduced to the new labels in his stable.

If you are a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir fan it is likely you have heard of Bindi as one of the top examples of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Australia alongside such luminaries as Mount Mary and Giaconda, so you will not want to miss out on this splendid event.

Details are yet to be finalised including price, menu and wines but we recommend you declare an interest now to avoid missing out later on what is guaranteed to be a sold out event.

Venue: Bishop Sessa

Date: June 1, 2015

Time: 7pm

Price: $185 for 5 courses with matching wines


2013 Kostas Rind Chardonnay & 2013 Quartz Chardonnay

2014 Dixon Pinot & 2013 Dixon Pinot

2010 Kaye Pinot & 2009 Kaye Pinot

2011 Block 5

2013 Pyrette Shiraz & 2009 Pyrette Shiraz

mobile friendly

The need for an effective website is undeniable and there a great many variables which make a website work hard for your business. We will discuss the top 3 things every restaurant website must have in another post but today we wanted to alert you to a change in the status quo which may render your current web presence entirely useless.

No matter how amazing your website is, how beautifully presented or how perfectly arranged, if nobody finds it then nobody reads it. This is a very real potential outcome given Google’s new search engine rules.

Recently Google informed the world via its official blog it’s intentions to place more importance on a website’s ability to present on mobile devices. In short, if your website is mobile-ready it will appear higher in Google’s search results than a website which is not, when searched on a mobile device. So if you consider recent polls have shown that users will search on their phone even when a PC is in the same room this is a serious change in listing criteria.

In Google’s words:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.” – Google Webmaster Central Blog February 26 2015

The question you should be asking yourself right now is ‘how do I know how mobile-friendly my website is?’

As usual Google is not a company to leave you hanging. They have created a tool which allows you to analyse the way in which Googlebot views your website and will give you a thumbs up if it is mobile friendly. Click on the link below and type your website address into the address bar.

If the results are positive give yourself a pat on the back for being ahead of the curve and revisit your website to ensure you are ticking all the other boxes. If your website fails the test we suggest you pick up the phone to a web developer and start making some changes or risk dropping to the bottom of the Google search result list.