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  • Restaurant Revolution Channel Seven Episode 1 2015
  • Grand Days for Fine Dining – Australian Financial Review – October 9, 2015

    Industry consultant and restaurateur Erez Gordon believes the dining public better appreciates quality. “Culturally, we’re expanding the customer base that values high-priced meals,” Gordon says, adding that food shows like MasterChef and Restaurant Revolution, on which he was a judge, show punters how hard it is to operate restaurants successfully. “It wakes people up to the reality and they start revaluing restaurant meals.” Read the… Read more »

  • A Table for One Please – Australian Financial Review – September 21, 2015

    On his own in Buenos Aires, a then twenty-something Erez Gordon headed out to eat, a copy of Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano under his arm for company, picking a parilla restaurant seating 180. Little did the restaurateur realise he’d not only have a table to himself, he’d have the entire restaurant. “When I walked in at 7.30 for dinner… the formally dressed… Read more »

  • Masters of the Game – Restaurant review of Bishop Sessa in The Australian – July 30, 2015

    A modern European bistro and wine bar from two blokes — chef Paul Cooper, hospitality veteran Erez Gordon — with nothing to prove… And service is Bishop Sessa’s checkmate move. In the nicest way, it’s quite old school in its approach: Gordon is almost invariably there (not even his reality TV gig can keep him away for long), meeting and greeting, doing the rounds of his… Read more »

  • bar-restaurant-and-cafe-owners-outraged-over-pin-only-law-1636478

    Bar, restaurant and cafe owners outraged over PIN-only law

    The most worrying impact for Erez Gordon, co-owner of Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills, is the likely reduction of tips – a form of revenue important to his restaurant. “It’s easier when you sign to add a tip by manually writing it down … it’s simple and culturally acceptable. But the PIN process leaves it… Read more »

  • Restaurants turning to faster food sittings

    But Erez Gordon, who does not have an “official” second sitting at Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills, described the strict “turning tables” policy as a “hiding to nothing” philosophy. “If you take the industry as a whole, it is an absolute luxury,” he said. “The restaurants that have sittings are, for the most part, doing… Read more »

  • Get de-stressed for dinner

    Sometimes I wish I’d brought a flare gun, so I could get the attention of the waiters,” says restaurateur Erez Gordon, who recently took over Bistro Bruno, in Balmain. He has also worked as a restaurant consultant. “The biggest peeve I used to hear from people was ‘we were ignored, we sat down and nobody… Read more »

  • Unexpected delights

    “Travelling between Seville and Faro I had to change buses before the Portuguese border. At a lonely outpost in far western Spain the only choice for lunch was the petrol station cafeteria, and it didn’t look promising. It was the middle of summer, the middle of nowhere, and stinking hot. I ordered the gazpacho and… Read more »

  • Paleo diets to wacky wines: some fads we’d like to leave in 2014

    Erez Gordon, restaurateur, Bishop Sessa, Sydney SILLY WINES Self-indulgent mutual-backslapping wine professionals everywhere: I get that you need more excitement in your lives. I get that new weird/funky/bearded winemaking twiddles your knobs and makes a change from the boring old barrel-fermented shiraz/chardonnay set, but what about the rest of the gang? People are doing great… Read more »

  • Fickle Sydney Diners Force Manu Fieldel To Move To Melbourne

    Restaurateur Erez Gordon, who has 25 years’ experience in Melbourne and London, said Sydney diners were wary rather than fickle. ”For a long time they’ve paid very expensive prices for dining and in many cases not particularly received good value,” said Mr Gordon, co-owner of Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills. ”When the GFC came, I… Read more »

  • The food trends that time forgot

    Erez Gordon, the owner of Bistro Bruno and Crown Street Assembly, cheerfully admits he revisits the ’70s at his own dinner parties. ”I don’t mind the old Coon and cabanossi on toothpicks sticking in a half grapefruit,” he says. ”Everyone laughs, but I guarantee it’s always the first thing to go.” He won’t go so… Read more »

  • Time-slot reservations crack the table turn code

    Economics are the key driver of this policy. “It’s not that restaurant owners are less hospitable than they once were,” says operator Erez Gordon, whose top-rated nose-to-tail restaurant Bishop Sessa is located in Surry Hills, New South Wales. “The reality is that having a table stay all night no longer generates enough profit to warrant… Read more »

  • Tony Abbott is killing me

    Rise of Tony Abbott a downer for restaurant takings as budget puts diners off their dinner

    Restaurateur Erez Gordon, who runs venues in Sydney and Melbourne, said customer numbers had been down since the budget in May. Those who did come in were ordering fewer drinks or even cutting out an entire course, he said. “Strong weekends are less predictable, we’ve had quieter Fridays unexpectedly and overall spend per head is… Read more »

  • BIshop Sessa: A Tactical Response

    The co-owners are new to the Sydney scene. Executive chef Paul Cooper hails from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, having spent time in London before returning to Melbourne to helm a number of the city’s top spots, including The Botanical. Veteran general manager Erez Gordon, a Melbourne lad, similarly ran some of the capital’s big… Read more »

  • Front of House All Stars Dinner raises a record $36,730

    The evening was MC’d by one of Melbourne’s favourite Front of House stars now residing inter State, Erez Gordon (Bishop Sessa, Sydney), who auctioned some unique food experiences and wine etc generously donated by the All Stars and other supporters. Read the entire article here  

  • Waiter, I’ll have that with microchips – The Age, August 29, 2005

    Erez Gordon knows first-hand that a smart IT system is as critical to running his restaurant as a top executive chef and friendly, efficient waiters. Melbourne’s trendy Botanical – located in South Yarra opposite the Botanic Gardens – is a restaurant-bar-wine store with a reputation for excellence in fine dining. Read the entire article here… Read more »

  • Games Windfall Fails To Arrive – Inside Business April 2, 2006

    LOUISA SACCOTELLI, INSIDE BUSINESS REPORTER: When the Commonwealth Games rolled out of Melbourne, accounting giant, KPMG, predicted they would leave in their wake a $1.5 billion windfall. No-one’s done the tally-up yet to see if that’s true. And in some ways it seems churlish to call for the tab now when everything has gone so… Read more »

  • French chef Mouchel prepares to bid farewell to Crown

    MELBOURNE CBD development The Duke of Wellington slipped quietly under the radar last year when entrepreneur Paul Mathis passed on his original deal to create a three-level pub-restaurant in Flinders Street that would rival his first big venture, Transport Hotel (now on the market at $35 million-plus). Enter pub group Open House, already operating four… Read more »

  • The Age – Espresso November 17, 2009

    A BIG question mark had been hanging over the Duke of Wellington redevelopment since June, when Paul Mathis walked away from a retail lease for the site on the corner of Flinders and Russell streets. Now comes the news that an established group of city bar operators has taken up the challenge. They will run… Read more »

  • Leaving a tip

    Are you being served? How to navigate the tricky topic of leaving a tip

    August 1. It’s probably not noted in your diary but the date, which marks the end of credit card signatures and the beginning of the PIN-only era, is a red-letter day for the hospitality industry. Widespread fears it will undermine Australia’s already patchy tipping culture have led some restaurateurs and waiters to consider it the… Read more »

  • The true cost of a no-show

    The picture was posted on Twitter but it didn’t last long. It showed staff at one of the greatest restaurants in the world showing their middle finger to diners who failed to show for a reservation the night before. ”And now a message from the Noma staff: to the people of two different no-show tables… Read more »