Bar, restaurant and cafe owners outraged over PIN-only law


The most worrying impact for Erez Gordon, co-owner of Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills, is the likely reduction of tips – a form of revenue important to his restaurant.

“It’s easier when you sign to add a tip by manually writing it down … it’s simple and culturally acceptable. But the PIN process leaves it more clouded,” he said. “Tips are an absolute a competition tool for us [to attract and retain good staff]. If we lose gratuity, it will have a negative impact in terms of increased training, higher staff turnover and reduced customer experience.”

He plans to keep costs down by sticking with one terminal and introducing smartphone payment apps such as Zapper, which allows patrons to “scan-to-pay” for bills.

“The apps offer a more competitive rate than banks on credit card transactions. Banks are going for more security, but they’re going fragment their market,” he said.

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