Fickle Sydney Diners Force Manu Fieldel To Move To Melbourne

Restaurateur Erez Gordon, who has 25 years’ experience in Melbourne and London, said Sydney diners were wary rather than fickle.

”For a long time they’ve paid very expensive prices for dining and in many cases not particularly received good value,” said Mr Gordon, co-owner of Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills.

”When the GFC came, I think they stopped taking risks and started waiting for assurances. They’re not going to [try a restaurant] until somebody says it’s worth it.”

Successful venues value their customers, Mr Gordon said. ”I think too many restaurants, particularly at the top end of the market, are about what they do, not who they do it for,” he said. ”If you speak to the things in people that make them human – if you make them feel warm, feel welcome, feel appreciated – then whether you’re in Melbourne or Sydney or Kathmandu, you’re going to win a loyal and loving clientele.”

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