Get de-stressed for dinner

Sometimes I wish I’d brought a flare gun, so I could get the attention of the waiters,” says restaurateur Erez Gordon, who recently took over Bistro Bruno, in Balmain. He has also worked as a restaurant consultant. “The biggest peeve I used to hear from people was ‘we were ignored, we sat down and nobody offered us drink or took any notice of us’.”

Gordon would also pack some TipEx, “so that I could correct the wine list. When the staff comes back and says ‘We don’t actually have that wine any more’, or ‘That’s not the vintage that we are stocking’, I could, go ‘OK, I’ll just fix that for you then’.”

Finally, Gordon suggests packing a compact mirror, to be placed just under the diner’s chin. “What really gets me about young waiters these days is that they are so obsessed with their hair they are constantly looking in the nearest reflective surface to make sure it’s OK.”

The mirror also serves a more metaphorical role. “At the end of the night, I could hold it up to the waiters,” he says, “and tell them to take a long hard look at themselves.”

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