Restaurants turning to faster food sittings

But Erez Gordon, who does not have an “official” second sitting at Bishop Sessa in Surry Hills, described the strict “turning tables” policy as a “hiding to nothing” philosophy.

“If you take the industry as a whole, it is an absolute luxury,” he said. “The restaurants that have sittings are, for the most part, doing so because demand exceeds supply … and if that is the case, then of course you are justified in calling the shots. But you also have to be careful.

“If you become too stringent in the shots you call, you run the risk of disenfranchising customers.”

Mr Gordon, meanwhile, said the “general attitude” among restaurateurs had only shifted because the economics nowadays had changed and “margins in products had become so minute. “It’s not that restaurant owners are less hospitable than they once were,” he said. “The reality is that having a table stay all night no longer generates enough profit to warrant opening the doors.”

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